What is SkepsisGraph

Skepsis Graph is a pioneering science-based Vocational Guidance system that explores one's personality, skills, inclinations, abilities and interests and identifies the professions that suit each individual as well as their respective fields of study, exploring how making decisions through the domains of his brain.

It is well known that the way a decision is made depends on a series of processes that take place in the brain, which are directly related to the recordings in it, the experience and the way the person perceives things and their environment.

So the point in this case is to find out how one perceives reality and situations, that is, the domains of one's brain.

For the first time, in April 1997, the first questionnaires were answered manually by students of Professor Christos Mouratidis, the results of which were studied and compared with the course of these people in their lives.

During these years more than 4,000 questionnaires were completed and evaluated, with the primary aim of the individual-person-student pedagogical approach, the way in which mathematics, science, visual, literary and other subjects are perceived, and their attitudes toward and in general application of knowledge.

As a result of this 20 years of research and monitoring the validity of the results, 2017 brings a new collaboration with the business consultant Mr. PeriklisPapageorgiou, so that the whole project will operate in electronic automated form, bringing knowledge and experience to everyone.

Skepsis Graph consists of 50 questions and usually takes a few minutes. Questions do not require any level of knowledge as you can see in 'Try it'. The results of the test, utilized, support and make career guidance more effective, where possible:

• Make the right decisions about integrating the individual into the scientific fields, choosing directions and vocational education and training in new fields.
• Check whether the practitioner or candidate is fit for the individual's actual abilities, skills, inclinations and personality.
• Identify more individual inclinations and alternative career opportunities.
• Determine whether the individual is able to meet the requirements arising from a particular work environment.
• Identify the slopes, talents, abilities and skills but also the personality traits of the individual and the level at which the individual holds them.