Curriculum vitae (CV)of Christos Mouratidis

(adapted for this project)

Professor Chr. Mouratidis studied Mathematics at the University of Patras (6th title on 114 scholarships) from which he graduated in 1981, and then went on to teach Mathematics to pupils and students, writing numerous notes in the beginning and then books.
Holds Master of Education (1994-1996) Bowie State, University of Maryland USA, Master of Science (2002 - 2004) National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, School of Science, Mathematics: "Statistical & Operational Research", Post-Graduate Education and distance education.
Greek Open University. (2000 - 2001), Boston University: CE 502 Adolescent Psychology, EC 202 Child Development & Education, AP 762 Administrative Planning, CT 721 Analysis of Existing Curriculum (1994-95), Single Subject Certificate in “MANAGING CHAOS”, Olympian University, 10/1999, Wilmington-Delaware, USA, RWTH Aachen University (1977) Bauingenieurwesen.
Also, a large number of seminars, lectures, conferences and essays complement his 34 years of training.
His collaboration with professors Dr. Alexandros Cosmopoulos of the University of Patras and Dr. Edward Jack and Dr. Marie van Melis - Wright, of Bowie University, led him to investigate one`s behavior through processes and brain domains, for a "new school" and "the distribution of students in a classroom."
This multi-year study of the effectiveness of the test in relation to the successful or not professional but also personal success of the participants, would say that it is on the one hand the necessary and indispensable tool for every student to choose the right educational direction and on the other every professional for the right selection of associates and executives. , for maximum performance of his company.