Curriculum vitae (CV)of Pericles Papageorgiou

(adapted for this project)

Pericles Papageorgiou, a 1992 graduate student at UCLA University M. Apostolakis (macro / micro economics) and an associate of LSE Professor E. Kevorg (Bussines strategy) did business research using the new tool as a key tool technologies for the proper staffing of business departments, as well as the business strategy that companies need to follow depending on their executives and resources.
In 1995 he graduated from Hertfordshire University with an MA in B.A, taking the 1st place among 950 students. Since 2005 she holds a PhD in "Internet Economy". He has received many honors, including his nomination to the Academy of Athens in 2014 and a 2016 documentary portrait from the state-owned French channel TVFrance on his cultural entrepreneurship as a founder and president of Deos Ancient Culture.
Since 1998 he has been working as a business consultant specializing in e-economy, having worked with many large companies in Greece and abroad (Microsoft, Google, Apple, bwin etc.) as well as the Greek government (Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Health, GS Information Systems, etc.) He is a founder of NetHouse internet consulting since 1998, a founder of Deos Ancient Culture since 2013 and a President of the AAMK (AgioiAnargyri Municipality of Kamater) Cultural and Educational Organization since 2014.
Since 2015, in collaboration with Professor Chr. Mouratidis, they have been implementing the Ur Project "Skepsis Graph" combining knowledge and experience with the aim of giving prospective students and professionals the most reliable tool in their academic and professional careers. The test tool helps stakeholders with objective information so that through their personality and their talents they make the right decision to do what truly suits them, with maximum performance and personal happiness academically and professionally.
"When studies and work are identical in character then they become a very good lucrative hobby of a happy person"